Just read an article about the Facebook changes leading one online publisher to close their doors yesterday.

A profitable brand amassing 12 million followers on Facebook has been wiped out by algorithm changes due to them annihilating organic traffic.


So, are Facebook is at it again punishing hardworking page owners?

They aren’t the evil schemers people make them out to be.

They are simply tending their garden making improvements to their user experience.

The holy fuck was at the brand.

They built a mansion on sand and now It’s crumbled into the Ocean due to one simple mistake.

Reliance on another person’s platform.

Low margins may also be an issue too because knowing your numbers & that you can convert visitors into sales means you can invest safely in paid traffic.

Back to relying on someone else’s platform

12 million fans & they relied on traffic from organic reach on Facebook.

*poof* that reach is gone.

Doesn’t mean the business had to go down the toilet.

Not if they had multiple streams of traffic.

Most importantly, streams they own and control I.e. a nice juicy email list that is well nurtured.

One of the first things I impress upon people in my messenger bot lead gen training is the importance of getting people’s email addresses.

Seen so many bot builders build massive audiences (22k, 47k etc) using their messenger bots and Facebook has pulled the plug on them and lost access to the lot.

Again – not Facebook’s fault – these people broke the terms and lost their privileges.

End result still the same.

No more audience. No more sales.

You have to ensure you are protected from any changes that could arise.

How about you?

Are you relying on gaining business from pretty much one source or are you protected through some diversification?

Do you collect data so that you can reach your audience no matter what happens to other platforms?

If not, what’s your plan of action to get some protection in place?

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