With Halloween tomorrow I thought I’d share a selection of the most despicable creatures lying in wait to sabotage your business.

Here they are…

1. Whispering Death

This vile creature burrows into your mind whispering cruel lies that twist your mind and cause you to sabotage your business.

You hold back, procrastinate & never put yourself forward because you don’t think you’re good enough.

Whispering Death is a powerful foe crippling even the smartest of us.

He can be defeated with the right mindset and lots of action although defeat is often temporary as he rises up from the ashes from time to time to do battle again.

2. The Sirens

Unlike whispering death, the sirens are truly exquisite to behold.

And their beauty is where the danger lies.

They draw you in and make you want them.

They tell you all your problems will be over once they are yours.

Bright shiny objects.

Sexy new tools and trainings.

Drawing you in and draining your wallet until your business crashes into the rocks.

They cannot overpower an entrepreneur who has focus.

One who checks in on themselves before chasing the next new thing.

3. Wendigo

A wendigo is a gaunt creature with bones protuding all over its body.

It eats and eats and is never satisfied.

It grows by the amount it consumes so It’s never enough.

It eats more and more and more yet it is always starving.

Maybe you’ve been growing your audience, getting more traffic leads and even sales yet you’re struggling as much as you always were.

You should be having a much easier time of it and more cash in your bank.

Everyone else can see you growing and making sales and think you must be rolling in it.

If only they knew the truth.

Your business is swallowing time and money.

Something doesn’t add up.

Taking a look at the numbers is how you can locate and vanquish your Wendigo

Maybe people love what you do but don’t buy and your positioning, marketing or sales process is killing you.

Maybe you get most if your business from one marketing method yet you’re wasting a butt load of time and money on something else.

Maybe you have a business model that just isn’t going to work unless you have massive scale.

Without knowing the numbers that matter you’re defenceless.

4. Vampires

Vampires can be found in several forms.


Whichever form they take, they have one thing in mind…

Draining the life out of you.

Everything becomes hard work and a time paradox is created.

The day seems to drag on forever YET time magically vanishes before you’ve got anything important done.

There’s 3 rules when it comes to defeating vampires

– they can only enter with your permission so don’t give it to them
– got a space you want to keep safe? Ring of garlic works wonders. Got some important tasks that need to get done? Ringfence the time and keep it sacred
– if all else fails drive a stake through their heart with a strong no

5. Frankensystems

The frankensystem is a monster of your own design.

Formed from a mishmash of tech and tools, the frankensystem can be found in businesses across the land.

Particularly when bootstrapping.

Peice by piece the systems that make your business come into being.

As you learn more things, new elements get bolted on.

It’s not pretty but it does the job.

…until that moment it doesn’t.

More prices mean more things that can go wrong.

More things to check manage and update.

More things to maintain.

More things that have to “speak” to one another so that things Don’t fall through the cracks.

And a bigger haystack to search through to find the one little needle that’s causing you grief.

Sometimes, you gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Cheap and free options to get you up and running so you can invest in other things that are going to bring in money.

Every so often, review your systems and look at places where you can simplify what you’re doing so that you can save time and hassle.

Especially before the final monster arrives…

6. The Behemouth

The big bad monster that arrives if you get the others under control.

Summoned by rapid growth, the behemouth is a gargantuan beast of incredible size.

All of a sudden, you’ve got more than you can manage.

You don’t have the support to serve all the clients you’ve managed to attract.

Systems that worked on a small scale crumble to dust due to mounting pressure.

And those areas where you got away without systems absolutely cripple you.

To defeat the behemouth you have to have the right support and systems in place.

When you do, your business can run like a well oiled machine and continue to scale to greater heights.

So, which monster is causing the most trouble for you right now?

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