Lead Gen Power Sequences

27 students

This training on lead gen power sequences via messenger bots covers:

– Bot onboarding
– User management basics
– Optin ascension sequence
– Consultation generation sequence
– Prescriptive sales sequence

Each one taking tried and *proven* marketing systems adapted to the messenger bot platform without being a spammy cumbag or breaking FB’s TOS – because following some dumbass marketer’s “system” and losing access to messenger is a stupid move.

Quoting Caliban Darklock here because he posted something incredibly on point earlier…

“When you’ve been in the online business world for over ten years, you start to see that every “NEW THING” people crow about is really just the same old shit.

Someone’s launching a revolutionary new product in a few days about selling blogs to local businesses. I could tag a half dozen people who sold the same basic product over five years ago.

Reinventing the wheel does not make you a visionary. It makes you an idiot.”

He’s right.

I could tell you this is so wonderful and shiny and new…but that would be disingenuous.

I’m not sharing with you anything that I’ve made up all on my own because I’m such a special little gurupreneur.

I’m sharing with you how to adapt the things that work to this new platform.

Systems that have been proven to work for email & websites with adjustments needed to make them worm for bots combined with old-school principles that underpin all successful marketing.

Strategy that has been proven time and time again by countless entrepreneurs around the world.

Facebook messenger is a powerful platform.

That messenger ping triggers a Pavlovian response and you can’t help but check it out

Seen the trend of entrepreneurs getting old style mobiles so they can go off grid?

It’s because the lure of Facebook is so damn powerful.

Messenger bot open rates are typically 85%+ percent. 94-98% is not uncommon.

Messenger bots are hot. Carolina reaper hot.

Yet you see people treating them like they’re sweet bell peppers.

Bashing out a bunch of messages, promo after promo, like they do with email.

You CAN’T do that with messenger bots.

You have to adapt the delivery of your message to the platform you’re using.

Assuming you want to keep people on your list, nurture them and make more sales

Those little things 

So, I’ve simply had to get cracking on developing a series of easy to follow training’s to help small businesses do bots right.

This first one will give you a complete lead generation bot with the option of 3 different lead generation sequences to mix and match as you need.

By the end of the training you’ll know exactly how to

– onboard people onto your bot
– help them get the most out of it
– opt them into broadcasts
– segment your audience based on needs, interests, readiness to buy and more
– when and how to tag them so you can get the most out of the platform
– how to build your email list at the same time as you build your bot list – super important
– how to lead people to your entry level offers
– how to drive your ideal clients to consultation appointments/sales calls
– how to create a simple lead gen quiz and prescribe solutions (can also be used for quotations)
– how to lead people from your bot to higher ticket offers

This is a high-value training giving you exactly what you need to generate leads and sales for your business.


Lianne-Carla Savage

£249.00 £149.00