Feeling stuck? You’re not alone.

I’ve recently started offering 1hr calls focused on getting simple systems in place to make businesses run more smoothly and free up time and headspace for more important things.

One thing that keeps on coming up in those calls is the feeling of being stuck.

Too many balls in the air.

Waiting for various things to be in place.

Not sure which way to skin the cat.

Time is flying by and you may feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

OMG it’s June already!

You’re searching for answers to find your way out of this funk.

Yet, more answers aren’t going to help.

What you need is questions.

Two tiny little questions to find your way forward.

1. What do I want?

When we get stuck we can lose sight of what we really want. We find ourselves doing things because we “should” and not because they are the right option for us or our businesses.

2. What’s the simplest way to get it?

Not the best way. Not the fanciest way. Not the way other people are doing it.

The simplest way.


Getting fancy has got you stuck.

It’s the reason you’ve got so much on your plate and a to do list a mile long.

When you get simple you can move forward with ease.

You’re no longer facing an uphill struggle and you have the ability and motivation needed to start moving forward.

You can progress fast and start getting the results you want.

You don’t have so many moving parts so there’s less that can go wrong.

Then, when you’ve got things in place & you’re out of the funk, you can build on the solid foundation you’ve got and power it up with all the fanciness your heart desires.


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