So you want to stand out online?

Here’s the thing.

I could tell you:

– How to structure your posts
– When to post
– Why you should use images that stand out
– How To come up with content
My “Undercurrent Technique” for creating connection & authority without being a peacocking douchepreneur.

The truth is, none of that stuff will help until you do this one thing.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

You SAY you want to stand out.

Your ACTIONS say otherwise.

Something in that pretty little head of yours is holding you back.

How do I know this?

You don’t need some perfect post format to get ahead.

…because most people don’t even do the basics consistently.

Even if it was needed, you’ve got easy access to all that information.

It’s only a quick search away.

So, the answer must lie elsewhere.

It lies in your need to get it right before you really commit.

Optimising what you’ve not started to do.

Holding back out of judgement.

Agonising over what you put out there.

Questioning your value.

Wondering about what everyone is going to think.

The best way I’ve found to get over the thoughts that hold you back is to prove to yourself how ridiculous they are.

Last month I set myself the challenge of taking one selfie a day for 30 days and it had to be the first shot however good, bad or ugly.


Because I had a terrible habit of taking a million photo’s that “weren’t good enough” just to share a photo.

And I did it. Full album right here:…

Result: I realise I was being a daft twit because those thoughts in my head were completely wrong.

Habit: Broken

Self-confidence: High

Fucks now given: Zero

It also means I can get back into doing video because the same self-critical issue that plagued the selfies made video creation a long and painful task.


The same goes for overthinking content, doubting how good it is, questioning whether you’re posting too much because you’ll swamp people etc

Unless you do something really serious like go on a major homophobic tirade and invoke the wrath of the entire population of the internet, the worst that can happen is some trolling – there’s a block button for that.

The next worst thing you can get is tumbleweeds.

Tumbleweeds ain’t gonna kill you.

Just do a different post. Move on.

Come back to the topic later with a different image, and angle and maybe it’ll hit the right note.

Just stop being a top-class melt and get something up.

And keep on posting.

You’ll thank yourself for it.

Imperfect consistency outpulls twiddling your thumbs about getting it all “right” any day of the week.

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