The thing with entrepreneurs is, there’s always more we want to do.

If there’s a hold up, it can get frustrating fast.

Settling isn’t an entrepreneurial trait.

You shared some of your frustrations on Dan’s post at the weekend and there were a handful of hold ups that kept showing up again and again.

– Not enough time
– Lack of focus
– Cash flow issues
– Procrastination
– Need more leads

There’s 2 solutions depending on your situation.

*Situation 1 – Pure Struggle*

You’re working away and you aren’t really getting anywhere.

You may be trying to get the biz off the ground or running a business that’s been around for a long time and is not doing so great at the moment.

Everywhere you turn there’s ideas and solutions.

Things to learn and steps to implement.

Maybe this method will do the trick. Or maybe that one.

Oh, and of course you need a mailing list, funnel with up sells & downsells, webinars, lead magnets, presence on all the platforms and on and on it goes.

No wonder you’ve got no time, procrastinating during what you do have and cash flow has headed south.

Not only is that mountain of tasks overwhelming as hell (Hello procrastination!)

You can’t do all those things fast enough to get the results you need right now. (Goodbye time. Hello cash flow struggles! )

Telling yourself you need all these things and have no time is doing you no favours.

It’s time to get focused and get moving.

Dan’s 3-5 method for getting focused does the trick and his 60:30:10 ratio is a great way to blend short term and long term growth.

Right now your priority is the short term, so most of your time should be focused on simple things that are going to bring sales right now.

As situation improves and you build a consistent flow of business the ratios can switch. You can ease back on short term strategies and invest more time on longer term growth.

*Situation 2 – Struggling Winner*

A struggling winner is a winner as far as the outside world can see.

You’re doing well, making money, serving clients and putting your best foot forward online.

Relentless drive and fast action has been key to getting where you are.

Yet, you’re feeling frustrated.

Those same frustrations faced in “pure struggle” have managed to rear their heads once again.

You’re already getting shit done so that isn’t the answer.

The answer is combining your drive and hustle with processes and systems because systems give you freedom to double down on your hustle.

Us humans can only handle so much at once.

Guys like Obama & Steve Jobs learned it’s smart to wear the same thing all the time.


It pulls a daily decision and timesuck off the table so they can put their time & mental energy into more important things.

Think it doesn’t matter?

Studies have shown that the more decisions we make, the worse we do when making decisions.

Plus, even if you spend just 2 minutes choosing what to wear, it comes to 730 mins a year.

That’s 12hrs 10mins.

Little distractions and delays soon add up.

Plans, decisions & to-dos pile up fast.

Constantly switching between tasks because things come up, you get a brainwave or suddenly remember something drains your time.

Having a few simple systems in place can make a big difference.

Anything done regularly can be streamlined & batched.

You can ensure you are consistently filling your pipeline, nurturing leads & clients and making regular sales to clients new and old.

You can train up staff with ease and give them foolproof steps for getting things done.

You can automate some things the right way without wasting money on tools you don’t need or getting into a tangle with the tech.

All these things free your time and take a weight of your shoulders so you can do what you do best.

Being the resident systems nerd I could go on forever about creating different systems.

It’s what I do. From 1hr systems kick-start calls designed to get the basics in place right through to done for you getting it all handled.

If you want more from me on system building, leave a comment below to let me know what you want to know.

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