Lianne-Carla Savage

Lianne-Carla Savage

Little Nudges For Big Profits

Stop waiting for miracles.

Here’s something actually achievable and doesn’t require luck, fate or finding the hot new thing.

There’s a lot of people looking for the great new thing.

Chasing the viral pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,

Looking for the huge win that changes everything.

What if I told you could create a huge transformation for yourself with the power of 1 in 20.

Not by chasing the huge monumental breaks.

But with quiet combined success day after day after day.

Building and building and building.

In a totally sustainable way.

1 in 20 is just 5% and there are 9 core places you can look to generate these little nudges for big profits.

I’m gonna run you through all 9 and track the total impact as we go

1. Reach more people

This is the place most look to when it comes to making more money.

For good reason.

If more people don’t hear about you and what you do then you’re gonna eventually hit the wall.

Fresh eyes, fresh minds and fresh wallets mean more sales.

And it doesn’t just need to be new people.

Just because someone sees you and hears about you occasionally doesn’t mean they see and hear you enough to make a buying decision.

The right message is one thing. The timing of that message is another.

It’s easy to worry about overwhelming your audience thinking they see every little thing out there and they’ll get sick of you.

Guess what?

They don’t see everything!

You’re safe.

The algorithm takes care of that for you.

So your 1 in 20.

Quick and dirty way of getting that done is if you post morning and evening during the week that’s 10 posts a week or 20 posts a fortnight.

Could you post one more thing each fortnight?

Sure you can!

As I say it’s not about a monumental crazy effort that you can do in spits and spurts when motivation strikes.

It’s about simple consistent action to nudge up sales.

This takes you from your current level (100%) to running at 105%

Not a huge leap but watch how it rolls.

2. Grow your audience

This is very closely related to the above.

It’s all about getting those eyeballs but there’s an extra element.

You see this is all about building an audience or tribe.

Wherever you choose to do that is up to you.

It could be a Facebook group, email list, Instagram following, messenger bot subscribers, linkedin connections etc

Note: You’ll want to back up whatever your primary channel is with another just in case

The key thing here is rather than people simply seeing your content, catching you when their friend shares something or if an ad pops up for them,

…they become part of your community

Where you can nurture the relationship find out more about them and build up the know like and trust factor until you put an offer out ther with all the right conditions in place.

5% boost on that?

Let’s say you’ve got a landing page for an email opt in that’s running at respectable yet not overly high 50% conversion rate

100 people visit and 50 people sign up.

To get a 5% boost you just need an extra 2.5 people to sign up

Or – due to not being able to get half a person – 5 people out of 200

Not an impossible leap by any means.

Got a page that performs much lower at 20%

Just one more person out of a hundred would do the trick

This extra tweak added to reaching more people takes your income up to 110% (110.25)

3. Increase sales conversion rate

It’s all well and good reaching more people and building your groups and mailing list but do you turn enough people into buyers?

It doesn’t matter what method you use to sell be it sales pages, calls, in store , online shop…whatever

If you have more people pull out their card and buy then you’re on to a winner for sure.

Pretty self-explanatory.

Your 5%?

Work out how many people who need to read/hear/see your pitch to make 20 sales.

Your new target is to make 21 sales by the time you reach that number.

Just one more little yes for every 20 yes’ you get

The first 2 tiny tweaks took you to 110% of your current income.

This one bumps it up to 116% (115.7625)

4. More items per transaction

This is an easy win yet oh so often neglected.

Quite simply it’s all about encouraging people to buy something extra when they make a purchase.

Whether it’s a one-click upsell in your online funnel.

The tempting racks of sweets at the checkout.

Or in my experience, offering an additional service to clients.

I’ve spoken about this before.

Back when I worked in a salon there was a range of deep conditioning treatments that barely got touched.

People quite simply didn’t ask for them.

Most probably didn’t even realise it was an option despite them being on the price list.

Then I started to offer the treatments whilst I was midway through the shampooing process.

What once sold once in a blue moon suddenly flew off the shelves as 60-70% of people offered said yes.

Instantly pulling in £1k extra revenue for the salon that had been sitting there hidden in plain sight.

Telling your clients about the other things you offer can be mighty effective.

And you don’t even need to have a massive increase.

Remember we’re just looking at the impact of 1 in 20.

Calculating the tiny attainable micro growth that you can easily surpass.

So what products and services do you offer?

Which compliment each other?

Start offering the complimentary products and services when you make a sales and you only need 1 person to say yes out of 20 to hit this goal.

So, we were at 116% of current revenue.

Add this “1 in 20” and you’ve just bumped that even further to 121.6% (121.550625)

5. Premium offers

Do you only offer one version of your products and services?

If so you could be missing out in multiple ways.

Premium offers cost more so if you don’t have one then you’re missing out on additional revenue which often requires minimal additional cost and time to deliver.

Premium offers shift perception and positioning. They can even encourage sales of lower priced offers that wouldn’t have otherwise occurred because the higher priced offer creates a benchmark that makes the other offer seem like a better deal and people tell themselves they aren’t spending so much so it seems more “ok” for them to make the purchase.

There will always be people who are more than happy to spend more to get a better offer whether its time saved, convenience, comfort, greater results or just to look better in peers eyes. There are people who will buy the premium offer.

There are some really interesting studies on the influence of pricing and other factors.

Let me know if you want me to share some of it 😉

Anyway back to 1 in 20.

We were sat at 121% of your current revenue. This 5th revenue nudge takes you up to 127.6% (127.62815626)

Over half way there now and at the end I’ll show you what the numbers mean in real terms.

6. Repeat purchases & subscription plans

Where areas 4&5 focus on a client purchasing more at the time.

6 is all about making more sales to the clients you’ve already won.

After all – your current clients are the easiest people to sell to.

They already know like and trust you & they are willing and able to invest in solutions to the problem you solve.

They know what the deal is and it’s a simple case fo reminding them to make their next purchase or getting them on a subscription plan so that it happens on autopilot.

Think you can’s offer a subscription?

Funny thing is we’ve been taught that a subscription is a membership to a community or info product like a paid newsletter or webinars.

Does it translate to other businesses?

Sure it does!

In fact subscriptions have been around for a long time.

Your phone, you gym membership, your insurance and more is all paid for month after month.

Anything people would want access to on an ongoing basis can be turned into a subscription.

Anything you produce new on a regular basis could be a subscription.

Anything consumable can be a subscription.

Classes and service hours can be provided on a subscription basis.

Equally, you could simply set yourself up with a post-sale follow-up process so you’re reaching out to clients x weeks/months after purchase to remind them of what you have to offer.

We’re only looking for 1 in 20 once again.

One extra sale from every 20

More than that is glorious and totally doable.

The whole point of this post is simple minor and accessible lifts that add up.

So we were at 127%

Give yourself a 1 in 20 bump from sales to current clients and your revenue has just hit 134% (134.0095640625)

7. Retention

Three more levers to pull.

Seven is retention – keeping your clients for longer.

This again is something that often gets neglected.

Especially when the thing that most don’t realise is you influence this via both ends of the journey – not just right at the end when they’re ready to go.

How you bring someone into your world, set the standards, introduce them to the experience of being in your world and give them all the info they need to be able to succeed – they tend to stay a lot longer.

Equally, clients who have been around for a while may find needs shifted or simply feel you’re very focused on new peeps and they’ve been all but forgotten.

Regular check ins are a great way to reduce client turnover and

How do we 1 in 20 this? Lets say you clients typically stay with you for 20 months (just over a year and a half) before moving on.

1 more month is all you need and you’re golden.

Just one little month of being an active client whether that is via a membership or through general purchases.

Lifetime customer value is one of the key numbers to track and the last few points all go towards raising that amount.

Many know how much they spend to get clients – few know what a client is worth to their business revenue-wise.

So, we were at 134%

Extending the relationship by 1 month for every 20 raises that to 140% (140.7100422656)

8. Referrals

Referrals are a great way to get new business because they are bundled with oodles of social proof and the people your best clients know are likely to be people like them so you’re letting them clone themselves.

This is something we often do to start and then let it drift.

I*n the social world if you claim your zone of genius and become the go to person you get yourself tagged when the topic comes up which is ace.

And sometimes you naturally have a degree of word of mouth.

It is however something you can actively encourage and raise the amount that comes your way.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need competitions and rewards.

Sometimes it’s simply a case of teaching people how to talk about you and what you offer and giving them the occasional reminder to do so 😉

Once again it’s not about going huge and becoming an affiliate powerhouse or transforming your business to the next big MLM

Just 1 out of 20 clients referring a friend relative or peer is all we’re talking about.

That 8th lever takes you from 140% up to 147% (147.7455443789)

9. Reactivation

We’ve reached the final one.

We’ve covered each lever you can pull to get more sales from new and existing customers so there’s only one place to turn

Your past clients.

Just because they stopped buying from you doesn’t mean they’ve stopped buying from you 😉

Sure some never will.

Most, simply drifted away.

You went off their radar whether that’s due to things coming up in life or you not getting yourself out there and reminding them why you’re so awesome and what they can have from you.

When I lived in Cornwall the kids had swimming lessons at the local leisure centre and for a while I also went to the gym.

And like most gym goers it didn’t last long.

Here’s the thing.

They had my address.

They had my email address.

They had my phone number.

They had stats of when I was last there because you have to sign in.

Yet – they never contacted me to get me to go back again.

It could have been a case of reaching out or even better a tempting re-joining offer only available during “this month” whatever month it happened to be.

Just a little nudge and enticement to come back and get back on track with health goals.

Instead – nothing!

Multiply that by the volume of past members the leisure center has and the money being left on the table is simply astounding.

Don’t be like them.

A simple follow up procedure whether it’s email, direct mail, a phone call or a mixture of both can reactivate a past client and complete the sale generation puzzle.

Just 1 in 20 is our aim here.

With that we make the final revenue jump taking your 147% up to 155%

And there you have it!

Remember: Little shifts add up FAST.

You don’t have to hop from one thing to another looking for a big break or that one mythical viral post that will propel you to social infamy.

Just those tiny little 5% nudges in those 9 areas ads to your bank account over half what you’re earning now on top.

Specifically 55.1328215978516% extra

Or in real world terms take you from

£50k to £77k

£100k to £155k

£250k to £387k

£500k to £775k

Pretty decent huh?

Not by creating big leaps or getting lucky.

But by simple achievable gains.

The kind of gains that are manageable enough so your ship doesn’t get capsized by its own success.

Think about it…could you manage 10x the number of clients right now without delays hiccups and disappointments?

And if you do have a lucky leap?

That’s extra cream on top.

Would that make a difference to you?

Systems are often thought of the things that are “nice to have” and we should do to make things easier.

The reality of it is systems are the key to unlocking these kinds of consistent gains that snowball like crazy.

…because without systems the ball gets dropped and those gains are cancelled out by losses that go unnoticed and you wonder why you’re doing all the right things and heading in the right direction yet going nowhere fast.

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