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Complete  Messenger Bot Design Consultation £99 (approx $132)

What happens next?

Here’s a step by step guide to the Messenger Bot Consultation process.

When you are ready, click the button below to secure a time and date for your consultaton.

1. Schedule your call

The first step to get started is to schedule your messenger bot consultation using the handy booking form you can find here https://bookme.name/liannecarlas/lite/messenger-bot-consultation

2. Pre-Call Discovery

Before your call I’ll be in touch with a brief series of questions to learn more about your business, your aims and what you want to get out of your bot.

3. your call

Before your call you will recieve a reminder email with the link to join me on Zoom where we’ll walk through the following steps to craft your unique experience

4. Deep Exploration

The first thing we do is take a deep exploration into your business. How you attract, sell to and serve your audience. The things they love and the things you love to do for them.

5. Idea Generation

Once we’re both clear on your businesses unique needs, your goals and your desires – we get to work on exploring all the things that are possible & the best options for your bot.

6. User Flow Mapping

Once we have discussed ideas, I’ll walk you through the flow of how they fit together so you can visualise the users experience each step of the way.

7. Your Secret Sauce

We run back over the features and the user flow highlighting the ways you can suprise and delight your users & deliver your content & support in a way that lets your personality & brand shine.

8. Ideas Into Reality

Finally, it’s time to turn this plan into something real. You can go your own way and build it yourself or – like most people I speak to – you’ll say “OMG I love it! Please make this for me” and we’ll set out an action plan & time scale to make it happen.

Lianne-Carla Savage

Builder Of Badass Bots

If you’ve got this far you have seen what messenger bots can do for your business.

The question is whether or not I’m the right person for the job.

Can I do everything I’ve spoken about above and can it be done in a way that fully expresses your brands personality, serves your clients and audience at the highest level & suprise and delight them along the way?

Pretty smart question you’ve got there.

Messenger bot pros usually fall under two different camps.

Techies & Marketers.

Both types of specialist thriving in their zone of genius.

Techies mastering the platform taking massive leaps to stretch possibilites and open up new frontiers.

Marketers using their persuasive powers to drive action, generate leads and reach more people.

One focused on product.

The other focused on profit.

Then there’s the category I fall in.

The systems strategists.

A hybrid of tech mastery & marketing genuis designed to create engaging experiences that stand out and make a profit.

We aren’t focused purely on the product or purely on profit.

We are focused on people.

Your people.

Crafting the best experience for your audience.

Shining your brand in it’s best light.

Using tech to create and epic product.

And making a profit the right way – without being pushy & spammy.

No1 Priority: How Your Audience Experiences Your Brand 

Everything else is designed to support the brand experience.

In a typical week I’ll be working on bots that will do

Data tracking
Support desk integration
Content filters for members and non-members
Onboarding sequences
Video delivery
“Tip of the day” automation
Lead generation
Lead segmenting quizzes and more.

It’s about more than doing cool things with sexy tech though.

Bots are so powerful when it comes to grabbing attention, they can be a MASSIVE turn-off when done wrong.

Slimy, spammy, emotionless bots are the worst.

You have to touch people emotionally.

You have to inject your personality to the bot.

Smart and sassy, amped up and ragey, immature and full of fun, utterly sophisticated.

Whatever is your style…use it!

Put your stamp on your bot the same way you would all of your content.

It needs to feel like you, like it’s something you actually care about and gives people the kind of vibe you want people to feel when they associate with you.

It’s all about creating an engaging experience people love.

Especially if you

1. Want people to keep using it and receiving content from you

2. Don’t want FB to block you completely from messaging from your page

3. Want people to respond to the posts you send out.


Bots Don’t Have To Be Robotic Spam-fests 

I create truly engaging experiences your users love, give them choice & autonomy and empowers them to take action.

Action that is designed around your business objectives so you can reach your goals, serve your audience and get more money in the bank.

Here’s 13 Reasons For Booking A Bot Consultation With Me 

There’s a reason it’s took this mouch scrolling to get to me talking about myself. You, your audience & your results matter far more than me saying why I’m so damn awesome – which I am.

Quite simply I don’t “bang out a bot for just another client”.

It’s all about making the right choice for you and your business.

You’ve heard bots are great and some of what bots can do yet how it all works together, what it would look like and what is truly possible eludes you.

These calls are designed to uncover exactly for that. Refining countless combinations of possibilities for a bot into a crafted experience that is a perfect fit for your business.

My software of choice – Chatfuel – powers almost 50% of the messenger bots on Facebook including bots for Adidas, British Airways, MTV, Buzzfeed, TechCrunch, Uber & many many more.

Their 63,191 and counting community on Facebook is the place where boundries get pushed & ideas get shared.

As a moderator I have my eye on the ball when it comes to new discoveries and direct access to Chatfuels development team for rapid support.

As a Systems & Profit Architect, I bridge the worlds of marketing and technology for powerful results.

Whether you’re a techie who wants to discover how to get the best out of it, a marketer who wants to know how things can work or a business owner who simply wants more happy clients and money in the bank – I can provide the missing info to help you get everything you want.

You can see the sense in jumping on board with chatbots now and reaping the biggest rewards just like the first people to go online, the first people to use Facebook pages back in 2011, and the first people to use webianrs and funnels.

Head to the blue ocean and wow your audience before your competition gets in on the act. 

I’m a big proponent of finding what works and creating security through working multiple angles.

Some bot creators are focused on bots solving every problem and being the main way to market your business…I do not.

If it’s not the best option or you aren’t ready for it, I’ll tell you. I’ll also advise on what you need to do to create layers of security for your data, your lead generation & your income.

Automation is supposed to make things easier yet it can leave you wanting to tear your hair out at times.

I’ve been there. I’ve done it. I’ve made & fixed mistakes during builds. I’ve tweaked experiences once things have launched.

Quite simply I know my way around, I know the pitfalls and what must be in place. There’s no need to tear your hair out if you’ve got me in your corner.

A design consultation is no commitment to getting a bot built.

Got the skills? Take my guidance & DIY it. Then show me the awesomeness you create.

Equally I might share with you desgns that are beyond my expertise (I don’t custom code) if so I can put you in touch with Chatfuels trusted bot devlopers who can take the design and turn it into a reality.

Once again, it’s about what is best for your business not making it the “right fit” to make a sale. I win when you win whether we take things further or go our seperate ways.


Espresso With Dan Concierge

Full membership concierge bot with AI integration & a selection of custom advanced features including support desk integration.

Fat Loss & Lols

Course & content delivery bot with custom calculators.

Coffee With Dan Social Savage Bot

Challenge Delivery & content updates for a 13k strong and growing Facebook group cited on publications such as Inc.com as a top group for entrepreneurs

Healthy Eating Macro Calculator

A macro calculator bot deisgned to provide a nutritional breakdown of ideal daily protein, fat and carb allowances & build a mailing list of people interested in health and nutrition.

Coaching Accountability Bot

Accountability checkins on auto-pilot allowing coaching clients to submit details of their goals, and successess into a google sheet so they can be reviewed ahead of coaching calls or help you have a clear overview of larger coaching groups successes.

Customer Support Desk

Whilst users love to get help within Facebook, teams need to have support desks to handle certain enquiries. These can be integrated within Facebook messenger bots to create the support tickets your team needs within the platform your users love.

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