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Welcome to a world where business growth meets strategic mastery and personal fulfilment. I’m Lianne-Carla Savage, and my mission is to guide you through the transformative journey from being an overstretched business owner who’s days keep stretching further into the evening to crafting a lifestyle where your business allows you to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

In an ocean of overwhelming strategies and fleeting trends, my services stand as a beacon of clarity, practicality, and genuine results.

Whether you’re laying the groundwork for sustainable success, seeking to accelerate your business growth, or ready to scale to new heights, my tailored packages are designed to meet you where you are. With a blend of strategic insights, hands-on guidance, and a deep understanding of the challenges you face, each service is crafted to not just elevate your business, but also to give you back your life.

Consulting Packages...

There are 3 tiers of consulting packages designed to meet you where you are at in business and rabidly take your business forward in a sustainable way. 

Strategic Foundations

Turn Your Budding Business into a Flourishing Success You’ve started your business journey; now let’s make it soar.

The Strategic Foundations Package is your key to turning sporadic income and a small customer base into consistent growth and expanded reach.

In three focused consultations over twelve weeks, we’ll refine your business model, define your ideal market, and set a solid strategy.

 This is for entrepreneurs ready to evolve from the initial hustle to a flourishing business.

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Growth Acellerator

Fast-Track to Thriving Business: Hit a growth plateau? 

The Growth Accelerator Package is your solution to shift gears from steady to rapid growth. 

Dive into a series of strategic sessions where we dissect and enhance your marketing, streamline operations, and amplify your business impact. 

Ideal for business owners who are ready to accelerate growth, elevate their market presence, and see tangible results in their bottom line.

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Visionary Vanguard

From Business Owner to Industry Leader: For established businesses aiming for the pinnacle, the Visionary Vanguard Package is your path to dominance.

Engage in comprehensive analysis and strategy development that will transform your business into a market leader. 

This package offers high-level strategic planning and execution guidance, tailored for business leaders set on crafting a lasting legacy in their field.




One-off Calls...

Rapid Action Calls

Immediate Solutions, Lasting Impact: Facing a business hurdle that needs quick resolution? Rapid Action Calls are your go-to for swift, strategic advice.

In a focused 20-30 minute session, we tackle your most pressing challenges, offering actionable insights and solutions. Ideal for business owners seeking immediate clarity and direction, these calls are a powerful tool to keep you moving forward without delay.

Breakthrough Blueprint

Strategic Deep Dives for Transformative Results: Need a comprehensive strategy overhaul or in-depth guidance? Breakthrough Blueprint Sessions are two-hour deep dives into the heart of your business challenges. 

These sessions are tailored to develop a robust strategy or system that aligns with your long-term goals. Perfect for entrepreneurs who require extensive, detailed planning and strategic foresight to take their business to the next level.


Espresso With DAn

Want to join a down-to-earth community for business owners seeking authentic, sustainable success?

Led by serial entrepreneurs Dan Meredith, Espresso with Dan is designed for entrepreneurs who value honesty and substance over hype.

This membership offers a practical, step-by-step approach to business growth, and continuous support through a rich resource library and expert coaching alongside an active community of members happy to share the insights and experiences they’ve picked up along the way.


5 Day Business Boost Sprint

Revitalize Your Business in Just Five Days: Are you ready to inject a burst of energy and innovation into your business?

The 5-Day Business Boost Sprint is crafted for entrepreneurs eager to see rapid progress.

In this focused sprint, you’ll receive daily emails packed with actionable strategies, each designed to tackle a specific aspect of your business growth.

From revitalizing your social media presence to streamlining your sales process, this sprint is your fast track to tangible improvements.

It’s perfect for business owners looking for quick, effective methods to enhance their operations, connect more deeply with customers, and see immediate results.

Embark on this sprint and watch as your business transforms in less than a week.