You want to create an impact & become the go-to guy or girl in your niche.

Problem is you don’t want to look like a tit multi-posting your “expert wisdom” everywhere.

What’s worse, it takes a lot of content over a long period of time to begin to make an impact because you don’t rate so highly on Facebooks “affinity” metrics within the algorithm and people naturally engage more with familiar faces.

This leaves you with little more than tumbleweeds every time you post.

The solution is something I’ve dubbed “The Undercurrent Method”

This isn’t something I had planned an approach for. Quite simply, it’s something I’ve naturally done which has generated results time and time again.

Not got a big personality? Me neither

We don’t all have Ringleader personalities like Dan and it’s ok.

The good thing is, this works even if you’re as quiet and introverted as me. Read: Maximum Introversion.

Most advice on creating authority suggests you should fake it till you make it. Stand tall and shout your expertise from the rooftops because as long as you “give value” you’re gonna do great.

Oh, and do it authentically with your unique voice whilst following x,y,z format.

For a start, I find “be authentic” to be the least authentic thing possible.

Then come the stress this advice creates.

Worry about what to post.
Worry about whether your content is good enough.
Worry about being an imposter.
Worry about how you come across.

End Result: You spend most of your time worrying about content and occasionally create valuable content that sounds stiff, robotic, and as though you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

Not exactly the best path for creating the engagement, connection, and authority you desire.

Quite frankly, it sucks.

The Undercurrent Method bypasses that completely.

No more self-doubt
No more peacocking
No more acting like someone you’re not
…because you get to relax, be yourself, and give the kind of value people actually want.

It’s called the Undercurrent Method because that’s where the action takes place.

Down below in the comments section of posts in your favourite Facebook groups.

Want to know how to make the magic happen?

Here goes…

Step One: Find your tribes

Check out a whole bunch of groups and find the ones that are right for you.

If there’s too much promotion, people don’t particularly engage as they are all just there to sell stuff.

If they have different values to you, you’re going to be working to attract people who you ideally should repel – e.g. somewhere too woo woo wouldn’t be right for me.

You’re looking for established groups that have some engagement and ideally a mix of value posts and support requests.

Conversations you can sink your teeth into with the kind of people you want to connect with.

Step Two: Schedule time each day to engage in those groups

As always, consistency rules.

If you want people to know, like, and trust you; you have to become a familiar face.

A little effort each day works wonders.

Some days you won’t have so much time.

That’s ok.

You may not have time to go into massive depth, you do have a couple of minutes to check in & show up.

Step Three: Add meaningful comments to posts in the group

During your scheduled time, visit your groups and engage with the posts inside them.

If they need help with an issue – share your wisdom and help them out. No need to lure them out of the group or pitch anything. Just be of value.

If they post something that helps you – let them know. Tell them how it’s helped, any key points and thank them for it.

If they post something you agree with – Find a way to add to it where you can. Maybe give an example from your experience that lead you to agree with the statements made.

If they post something you don’t agree with – strike up a conversation and share your viewpoint. You don’t always have to agree and “play nice”. Stick your stake in the ground POLITELY and you’ll create more engagement than when you simply agree with things.

All the above generates conversation, builds the KLT factor, and levels up your status within the group.

The Undercurrent Method is about leading from within – tapping into one most powerful pieces of marketing advice there ever was.

Join the conversation already going on in your prospects minds.

When you try to create authority through original content, you’re trying to steer the ship regardless of the direction group members are wanting to go.

When you shift your focus to engaging with other peoples’ posts, you go with the flow. Using the audiences’ choice of direction to create greater momentum.

Bonus tip: If you’re going to do a post in the group, scout the group & engage on recent posts first.

Engaging on posts in the group brings people back to the group and when they arrive, your brand-new post will be ready and waiting.

Step Four: Use conversations you’ve had to create your own original posts.

You now know what matters to people & you’re becoming a familiar face they know, like, and trust.

A perfect position to create your own content and generate some fabulous results from it.

You don’t have to go in blind and hope for the best.

Use the conversations you’ve been having.

Given the same piece of advice out a few times? Do a post about it expanding further on the comments you’ve made.

Taken some advice from someone’s and implemented? Share their results and thank them.

Disagree with a post? go deep with a respectful counter argument.

Agree with a post? Write a piece that complements the advice/opinion given.

For the last 3 types of posts, you can mention the original poster in a positive way and invite them to join in the conversation

In all cases, those people you’ve taken the time to engage with on their posts are more likely to recognise your name & pic and decide to engage on your posts.

Reciprocation is a powerful thing and people are far more interested in you when you are interested in them.


That’s all folks.

It’s simple, yet powerful.

Give it a go and report back.

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